Casa d’Ambra

The vineyards

Every year, Casa D’Ambra purchases 5,000 tonnes of grapes from 150 local vine producers. The winery estates include 4 hectares of vineyards in the Frassitelli area, another hectare in the Montecorvo area, 7 hectares in Calitto and also 6 small vineyard whose ownership is shared by other grape producers. The winery’s activities are focused mainly on promoting the use of  local grapes, namely Biancolella, Forastera, and Rilla (white varieties), and Piedirosso and Guarnaccia (red varieties). Furthermore, in 1995 a test field was established in the Frassitelli area in an effort to create a genetic bank to improve the grape quality and to upgrade and protect old varieties. Grape varieties including Guarnaccia and Guarnaccello, Coda Cavallo and Streppa Rossa, Rillottola and Don Lunardo, Catala- nesca, Romana, Procidana and Coglionara have been given new life. Harvesting takes place between September 20 and October 10th: even though grapes mature at different times depending on the vineyard varieties and locations, well balanced wines are produced every year. Grapes are harvested manually and transported in small cases in order that they don’t spoil. Andrea D’Ambra supervises the whole production process from harvesting through bottling.