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Discover Thermal Parks and Natural Springs

According to ancient myths, our thermal waters are probably Typhoeus’ tears, a “rebel Titan”, who was imprisoned by Zeus in the bowels of the island. There must be something divine, if our water has so many properties. that it provides relief and offers wellbeing. The body benefits from it and the soul revives. It is perhaps the magic of this water, the beauty of this land, maybe even an ancient myth, or could just be just the cold chemical analysis of our water that explains its healing elements. From our point of view, it will always be magic. We will continue to believe in myths and tales, in the gods and titans and to think that the water gushing out of the earth is a special and magical gift.

Health, wellbeing and beauty. Nowadays spas are no longer simply places for medical treatment; they offer facilities for regenerating both body and mind. In this respect, the Campania has even more to offer than in the past. Thanks to the quality of its mineral waters, its mild climate, and above all its spectacular natural setting at many spa establishments it is possible to bathe in hot mineral pools, look after your health and indulge in complete relaxation, with monuments such as a Greek temple or a Roman amphitheatre close at hand!

It is certainly no coincidence that the first spa goers were the Greeks and Romans themselves, enthusiastic believers of the mineral waters and hot springs for their therapeutic properties.

Mineral springs are to be found everywhere on the island of Ischia: on the beaches, in the hills, even in the sea, with springs, fumaroles and mud baths all which can be enjoyed immersed in a natural setting.