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Special accommodations

Giardini Eden

Discover Giardini Eden

It  offers to the  guests a total experience, where sea, taste and relaxation are in a unique and exclusive place.


Hotel Il Monastero

Discover Hotel Il Monastero

Situated into the Aragonese Castle, one of the simbol of  the island of Ischia, a place where you  can appraciate the history, the culture and the beauty of Ischia.


Seaview Dome

Discover Seaview Dome

The Seaview Dome offers every comfort of a proper Hotel’s room  in a semi- transparent bubble, and it’s born to safeguard the environment, a way to reach the nature that surrounds us avoiding  the weight of the overbuilding.



Discover Motosailer

Because of its beauty and versatility in the past  it has received on board celebrities such as Toto, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren and more recently has been given to television programs to represent the sea and its beauty.

Suite l’Altana- Aragonese Castle

Holidaying in the Altana is the most beautiful thing that can happen in the Castle for many good reasons, one of which is that from the two large private terraces of this suite you can look over the entire island.


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