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Ischia nightlife

During the summer Ischia is an entertaining place, full of colours and music through the streets and in the thousands of  pubs that line the promenade of the various towns. There are not too many Discos, as the streets are full of various type of music. With the help of a good Ischitana Wine and a delicious Cocktail, everyone will be involved in the liveliness. The most popular places are: Ischia Center, the famous Riva Destra in Ischia Porto and the Forio promenade. But, Ischia has to be the most loved… in all it’s beauty even at night. You can’t go away without having had a swim beneath the stars at one of our beautiful beaches or a dip in the warm water of Sorgeto with a Cocktail served to you in the water….in conclusion, Ischia never sleeps!!