Close to Ischia

It is essential in Ischia that you never get bored or happen feel that classic nostalgia when it’s time to go back home! That being said, it is true that the biggest island in the Gulf of Naples is a great starting point for a day trip to the nearby Capri and Procida, or for an excursion to discover Pompei, Vesuvio and the Sorrentina peninsula. Without obviously forgetting, “Spaccanapoli”, the Historical center of Naples with its history, churches, monuments and the typical handicrafts of the masters of the Nativity in San Gregorio Armeno.


If Ischia is a “land Island”,Procida is the “quintessence” of a sea locality, an island that boasts a secular maritime tradition that only in relatively recent times has discovered the virtues of tourism. From this perspective, maybe, part of its charm, or its  mystery, is the suggestive “Processione dei Misteri” that parades  through the streets of the island on Good Friday morning. Don’t miss a visit to the ancient villages of “Terra Murata” and “Corricella”. The latter, made famous  by the bookcover of “Arturo’s Island”.


If ischia is “The green island”, known for it’s overflowing Mediterranean vegetation; Capri is the “Blue Island” known for the turquoise color of the mythical “Grotta Azzurra”, probably the most famous cave in the world. But there’s something else: Marina grande, the chair lift of the Monte Solaro in Anacapri, the Faraglioni and the via Krupp walking paths, places that the whole world envies us for and that contribute to the charm of Naples, and the whole of Italy. For that, a day in Capri is without a  doubt a good idea, especially from Easter to September, months when it’s possible to reach the island directly from Ischia’s harbors.

Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello

The beauty of the Campania region doesn’t end with the Islands in the Gulf of Naples. The Sorrentina peninsula. Amalfi,and  the exclusive Ravello are other places that give charm to the region. Reaching them from Ischia is not difficult, but maybe not as easy as Procida and Capri. There are various private transportation agencies that arrange bus escursions from Ischia to Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello.


Another alternative for a day trip is a bus excursion from Ischia to Pompei/Vesuvio, both famous places inextricably linked to each other for their archeological significance.


Lastly, but not the least important, Naples. The third largest Italian city after Roma and Milan, is less than one hour by hydrofoil from  Ischia’s harbors. It is easily reachable if you want to see the “Cristo Velato” in the San Severo chapel or “the Naples underground”.You don’t want to miss San Gregorio Armeno and San Biagio dei Librai street, famous for the artisan workshops and the masters of the Neapolitan Nativity. The Nativity and the pastors in San Gregorio are visible all year long, not to mention that a visit to San Gregorio Armeno works well as an “excuse” to eat the world’s best pizza!