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Things Not To Miss!

Ischia is one of Travel + Leisure’s top islands of 2016. Despite its laid-back, fishing village disposition, you’ll find that it has everything travelers could ask for in an island getaway and more

To get here, take an hour-long “traghetto”, or ferry ride, from Naples. Begin your tour of the island in Ischia Ponte, a bustling port town with quaint storefronts. Locals flock here for important events and festivals.

The most prominent aspect of Ischia’s skyline is Castello Aragonese , a fairytale-like castle that dates back to 474 B.C. You can access the landmark via a footbridge, but one of the most fun things to do in Ischia is to hire a private boat to take you out for the very best views.

Of course, if what you’re after is an afternoon spent strolling around an iconic fishermen’s village, go to the nearby Spiaggia dei Pescatori. In the early morning, during the summer, you can watch trawlers hail in the daily catch. Walk along the wide beaches and appreciate how unspoiled by tourism this area still is. Grab a bite from any of the vendors dotting this beach to whet your appetite.

Intead, if you’re hungry for dinner, go to a pizzeria. On balmy nights, the tables spill out onto the street. After bowls of fresh pasta or plates piled high with seafood culled from the Mediterranean earlier that day, settle down for the night in one of the best hotels , maybe a seafront property with an outdoor swimming pool boasting some of the best views of the island.

What to do in Ischia to relax and unwind?

The island is famous for its geothermal beaches and baths. In addition you can find pools, whirlpools, and heliotherapy treatments, all in a romantic setting of lush tropical gardens.


When you wake up in the morning during your holiday in Ischia  you can’t start the day without a made in Ischia Croissant: classic, with custard , cherry, chocolate or double chocolate cream and of course a Caffè or a Cappuccino on the side.



Forio is located on the west side of the island, so it is the best place to see the sun setting and disappearing into the horizon. There are many places where you can admire the beautiful scenery, like the “Promontorio del Soccorso”, a place overlooking the sea at the famous church  where you can literally catch the sunset in your hand; the “Belvedere di Zaro”  where you can see the sun setting above the whole area of Forio or if you are still at the beach you can also admire it from the beautiful beaches of Citara and Cava dell’isola.



When you’re on holiday in Ischia, you better save some energy for the nightlife. Ischia by night won’t be typical but full of surprises. Your appointment is around 10:00 p.m. by the “Riva Destra”, along the right side of Ischia Porto. It’s the port of entry for many fabulous yachts and is also known as the place where you can rub elbows with the locals and maybe if you are lucky with someone famous. From here you can decide if you want to spend your night going from piano bar to restaurant, drinking a cocktail or walking outside along the succession of restaurants and pubs along the seashore.