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The sea of Ischia

The underwater surroundings of the island of Ischia are a true paradise submerged in astonishing beauty. The world of underwater tourism was only discovered a few years ago, and therefore remains yet to be fully explored. The sea can be differentiated by two opposing slopes: the first one overlooks the mainland and is geologically connected to an immense, submerged shelf of volcanic origins at an average depth in the sea, and the other slopes out toward the sea and is studded with rocky sandbanks which rapidly slope downward to more profound depths. These peculiar characteristics allow for underwater activities at various depths. The long stretches of the coast provide an optimal area for beginner scuba-divers along with more attractive areas for those with more expertise. It also serves as a great destination point for various types of deep-sea fishing.
To the east the sandbanks of le Formiche, la Catena, Pertosa, il Rombo, l’Oasi and others, there are attractive submerged settings which are strewn with rocky sites and endless ocean meadows of Poseidon plants, caves and naturals arches. Immersed in extremely clear waters in the lush areas of San Pancrazio and Sant’ Angelo, you can find extraordinary biodiversity, and the bewitching Grotta del Mago  in which small gaseous bubbles are emitted from the ocean floor and rise up forming virtual crystal columns.
The western and northern slopes represent a complete overview of marine biology which originates and finds support in its jagged environment of inlets, such as the Scoglio della Nave, la Scannella and San Montano.
“Il Regno di Nettuno” is a department that was established to protect areas of biological interest in this enchanting little archipelago.

Bays and Beaches of the island of Ischia

Discover the bays and beaches of Ischia

The island of Ischia, thanks to its natural variety of various fragrances, landscapes, atmospheres, colors and tastes, provides the tourist with a multitude of experiences which range from tours of thermal spas, to pure fun. One can choose either excursions through the woods, rediscovering ancient streets and villages, or indulging in the “classic experiences” Ischia has to offer like the warm embrace of the sun on our golden beaches, and the deep sea of indescribable colours in various blues which resemble the most beautiful jewels that exist in the world. Ischia’s coast is characterized by its 18 miles of beaches, bays, and inlets which serve as the foreground of its pristine landscape, splendid in its wildness. Some of these beaches are accessible by foot; others, such as the beach of San Pancrazio and the beach known as “Scarrupata” add the flavor of adventure and exploration, as they are accessible only by sea; thus, one can rent a boat (if one doesn’t own one) to escape to a small corner of the world for one day.