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Village of Ischia

Ischia is located to the east with a surface area of 805 hectares. The territory is divided into two main place-names: Ischia Porto, with the presence of various springs and Ischia Ponte, an old marine village. Ischia’s territory also consists of the districts of S. Domenico. S. Michele, S. Antuono, and Campagnano. lt borders to the sulh on the municipality of Barano (the district of Testaccio) and to the north on the municipality of Casamicciola. There are about 20-000 lnhabitans.
 The beach of Ischia
This beach is 150 meters from the Piazzetta, a historical island meeting place, and embraces a good part of Ischia Porto, despite the erosion that over the years deep mined its extension but certainly not its fascination. Although it is subdivided into various sections from the Port to Ischia Ponte (the Spiaggia dei Pescatori “The Fisherman’s Beach’) it embraces the coast which ends a few hundered meters from the Castello’s wharf. Varied and crowded, especially during high-season, it is wellequipped: there are many bathing establishments offering a variety of recreational activities. The sand is fine and the beach is easily accessible. Thanks to the low sounding created by the position of the opposte breakwater reefs, this is an ideal spot for families with children and for the elderly.
 The Bay of Cartaromana
The bay of Cartaromana and its beach are marked by Scogli Sant’Anna (The Sant’Anna rocks) and, on the land by the Torre di Michelangelo. By land you can arrive at the bay of Cartaromana in two ways: by following a path (for whoever loves excursions on foot) of about 700 meters after having already passed 300 from San Michele center which you would have reached by a bus that stops directly on the lay-by over the beach. By water you can reach the bay of Cartaromana via taxi boat which leave from Ischia Ponte or from Ischia Porto. Its sounding are true archeological and marine fauna treasures. Although erosions has reduced the beach to a bare minimum it is still possible to treat oneself to the sun’s warmth on the black rocks which characterize this area. The true characteristic of this beach, however, similar to other beaches, are its warm baths, giving you natural thermal treaments at the sea.
 The Bay of Cafiero
The bay of Cafiero is found between the Spiaggia degli Inglesi and the Castiglione. There is a small sanday area with pebbles which are smoothened by the sea; it is ideal for whoever loves tranquillity. It is accessible only via the sea.
 The beach of the English
The Spiaggia degli Inglesi, enclosed within the jaws of the Sant’Alessandro inlet, is small and made up of sand and pebbles. It is not a particulary good spot for receiving the sunlight (it is advised to go there between 11.30 and 16.30) but it is the ideal spot for whoever wants to reinvigorate oneselfs from the stress brought on by a vacantion! If by diving into the water. If, on the other hand, one wants to explore it via land, one can reach it by following a peaceful pedestrian path, down by the hill, via a little street behind the Olimpica wharf.