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Thermal Parks and Natural Springs



Poseidon Garden

Discover Poseidon Garden

Amongst the areas of major interest, the zone of Citara in Forio is undoubtedly the most important. In fact it was in the Bay of Citara that the famous Thermal Park “Giardini Poseidon” was established. In accordance with the most modern medical and technical standards, 22 thermal pools have been established here. Every pool has its own constant temperature ranging from 20° C to 40° C and, given its abundance the water is constantly replenished, a truly unique thing. An added bonus for visitors is completed with a great private beach with sunbeds, parasols, sauna, underwater massages, Kneipp pools , Japanese treatments for circulatory problems, boutique and a variety of restaurants including one located in a beautiful cave made of the local tuff.


Negombo Thermal Park

Discover Negombo Thermal Park

In 1946 duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini arrived in Ischia: a humanist and great traveler, he was looking for a place to establish a park in where he could express his great passion for botany. He had already stayed for a while in Capri and then in Pompei for political reasons. The enchantment and similarity of Negombo Bay which he admired in Celyon made him select the San Montano Bay.  After having acquired this property which included the entire bay ( 50 contracts for buying and selling property were necessary) he began transformation of this untouched bay into a luxury park.


Castiglione Thermal Park

Discover Castiglione Therma Park

Situated in a natural green valley which descends toward the sea and is surrounded by a vast area of Mediterranean vegetation which creates a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Castiglione Thermal Park has 10 pools, 8 of which are thermal and replenished by the nearby spring, the water temperature varies from 30° C to 40° C. The Park also has Kneipp pools, a natural sauna, hydromassage and an area for thermal treatments which allow for mudbath therapy, respiratory treatments and massage therapy by qualified therapists and specialized doctors.


O Vagnitiello

Discover O’Vagnitiello

O Vagnitiello is a small and exclusive corner of paradise where in an entire summer one can breathe the air of relaxation and well- being. The wonderful climate and thermal nature of the island of Ischia offers a delightful stay, even at the beginning of spring or in a late autumn.






Discover Sorgeto

It is tucked away in an inlet of rocks, stones and pebbles. It certainly deserves a visit because of its various mineral springs: sauna, thermal steam, bathing in very hot water. One of the most enchanting and suggestive places on the island of Ischia.


Discover Nitrodi

The water of Nitrodi is classified as hypothermal sulphate alkaline mineral and was extensively studied in the late 60s by Prof. Mancioli of the La Sapienza University in Rome. This study was carried out using the water for internal use (i.e. for drinking cures). Results showed the trophic healing effect, both anti-inflammatory and gastro-calming, particularly beneficial for gastritis, ulcers, gastroduodenitis heartburn and useful for kidney stones and in the early stages of hyperuricaemia.


Cava Scura

Discover Cava Scura

The old baths of Cavascura have been known since the period of Greek colonization on the island of Ischia but it was in Roman times that they became known for all their great splendour.