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Terme Cava Scura

Therms of Cavascura

It is a natural catchment area hollowed into the rock of a deep valley. In Cavascura you can relive the ancient times because it still preserves its caves, its little waterfall, its hot springs that continue to come down from the mountain to a very high temperature. It’s situated 300 meters from the beach of Maronti and is accessed by following a rivulet of hot water that opens into a small bed among the tuff walls of the hill.

Interesting and picturesque is the play of colors that can be observed entering; violet predominates; there is a small corridor from the high walls of tuff with small cells hollowed into the rock. It is a spa room in the open, with brooms, thick bushes, chestnut trees and oaks, whose leaves go from green to violet. In the bottom of the valley, where the tuff wall ends, the thermal spring gurgles exhaling salutary vapors. In the gloom of caverns restful guests bathe in real contact with nature. Then there is a hot shower that comes down the mountain like a waterfall and a natural sauna dug in a tuff cave.

In a cave of saturated vapors are practiced the ancient stoves, inhaling gas fumes that come directly from the depths of the hydrothermal basin. By the spring is born a wellness center where you can make mud baths and showers, natural sauna and massages.