Set among two promontories, the inlet offers a view of rare beauty, absorbed as it is in a scenery natural wild and hostile.
The access to the bay is given by an ample staircase that counts 214 steps, but it is possible also to reach Sorgeto by sea with the taxi boat that well connect it to the near Port of S. Angelo.
Ideal place for who loves to spend serene days in complete relax, the bay of Sorgeto is famous in the world for its famous “warm waters.” Different thermal veins flow in fact along the whole bay, but it is from an only source that water always gushes out with impetus and in abundance. The source, that escapes from the feet of the coastline to a constant temperature of 90°c, immediately mixes it with the salty water of the sea and they is formed in this way natural tubs of different gradation, warmer in proximity off the shore. Today it is a great diffused accord opinion that the name “Sorgeto” derive from the present thermal sources in the bay. Others, sustain instead that the etymology is to seek in “Salicetum”, Latin name for willows, that is place planted to willows.