Seaview Dome

The Dome is worldwide known as an eco-tourism project. This is the first one introduced on the island of Ischia. It is located on a Belvedere immersed in the green vegetation of the upper garden of the Eremo di Montevergine, in a context where nothing has been altered yet. You’ll find a path  made of original irregularly shaped steps immersed in the vegetation  that leads you to the area where Dome is located. From there, there’s a breathtaking view, you can enjoy the view of the whole town, starting from the S.Francesco bay  underneath you with the Eremo and San Francesco Church, Forio and the Soccorso promontory. In the night, in the distance you can see the Punta Imperatore  lighthouse lighting the sea and the starry sky upon your head that you can admire while lying in your bed. You’ll have the sensation to sleep outdoor , but having all the comfort of a luxury accommodation. It will be a unique experience that you’ll remember forever.