Poseidon Garden

The largest thermal park of the island of Ischia. Over 20 pools overlooking the beautiful Bay of Citara.

Amongst the areas of major interest, the zone of Citara in Forio is undoubtedly the most important. In fact it was in the Bay of Citara that the famous Thermal park Giardini Poseidon was established, in accordance with the most modern medical and technical standards, 22 thermal pools have been established here. Every pool has its own constant temperature ranging from 20° C to 40° C and, given its abundance the water is constantly replenished, a truly unique thing. The deal for visitors is completed with a great private beach with deck – beds, parasols, a sauna, underwater massages, Kneipp pools , Japanese treatments for circulatory problems, boutique and a variety of restaurants of which one is located in a beautiful grotto made of local tuff.