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Negombo Thermal Park

In 1946 duke Luigi Silvestro Camerini arrived in Ischia: a humanist and great traveler, he was looking for a place to establish a park in which he could express his great passion for botany. He already stayed for a while in Capri and then in Pompei for political reason. The enchantment of the place and the similarity with the Negombo Bay (which he admired in Celyon) made him select the San Montano Bay.  After having acquired as his property the entire bay ( 50 contracts for buying and selling property were necessary) he began the transformation of the stagnant bay into a luxuriant park. Negombo was conceived to combine the extraordinary therapeutic properties of its thermal waters with a healthy, pleasurable holiday. Heliotherapy, massages, aerosols, inhalations and thermal pools with hydro-massage jets in short everything for regeneration and well-being, without forgetting that thermal waters can be effective for numerous osteo-articulatory disorders.