Mount Epomeo

Walks along Monte Epomeo

Mount Epomeo is the island’s highest point, rising to 789 m. above sea level. The summit can be reached from various paths. The most interesting island path is from Falanga Woods, while the less tiring routes to follow are those departing from Fontana, Forio, Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno and Buonopane. Departure from Fontana is the easiest and most convenient route to take.Those preferring to walk, however, must take a bus to Fontana and get off near  the street leading to the NATO military area. After nearly 200 m, there is a fork in the road. Take the left hand fork and continue up the path which has recently been cleared, to the summit.The Epomeo area was rich in all kinds of cultivation with great expanses of wheat which progressively decreased in size until they disappeared.  The geological aspects are interesting and the area is shrouded in chestnut groves, ferns and dense vegetation. There are also mushrooms and wild berries, especially blackberries and small  strawberries. Located  on the summit is also the Church of San Nicola with its hermitage and from where there’s a breathtaking view of the entire island.