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Hotel Miramare

The 4-star Miramare Hotel of elegance, is nestled in the volcanic rock that characterizes the coast of the village of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Maronti.

The scenic location it makes, from 1933, one of the most prestigious and desirable accommodations on the island of Ischia, visited by a worldly jet set.

Despite its proximity to the famous little square of Sant’Angelo, one of the most chic of Ischia, Hotel Miramare is very quiet and reserved, thanks to the fact that the villages situated in a padestrian area away from noise and pollution. The building is composed by several floors connected by comfortable lifts, with the reception area on the ground, also used as a dining room and bar, opened to the outside on a large rooftop terrace.

All rooms have the see-view and also have spacious balconies with views over the bay of Maronti Beach and, at the horizon the island of Capri.

Staying at the Miramare Hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy all the services within the exclusive Miramare Sea Resort and Spa, which is part of the hotel, such as the wonderful spa gardens Aphrodite-Apollon , the wellness spa and the thermal spa, the suggestive tennis court overlooking the sea, the fully equipped private beach, that features Roman caves with natural vapours and the exclusive Scoglio Miramare.