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Castello Aragonese
Castello Aragonese

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Welcome to your Luxury holiday planner in Ischia!

With19 years of working experience in luxury vacation rentals in Italy, we represent more than a unique collection of villas, castles and luxury city centre apartments. We personally select them for their comfort, charm and superb locations. Furthermore, we provide professional concierge services before your arrival and during your stay. Here you will find your authentic, luxurious, romantic and relaxing experience! After leaving behind the great beauty of the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, a tourist comes upon a completely green island and sees two of its most spectacular sights: Mounts Epomeo and Vezzi. This is Ischia! Although the Island of Ischia was known in the past as the Garden of Europe, it has been assuming an increasingly important place among the tourist destinations within Italy and Europe. With time, every tourist destination creates a name for itself and takes on a particular identity of its own. This is not the case for Ischia because it is a land where diversity is the norm. It is a land where nothing is expected: from its nature, which changes inch by inch, to the works of art from everyday man, to what tourists search for in their quest to understand how the local people live. Only through these experiences can we understand the stillness of the woods and the soft wind on the hilltops contrasted to the salty air tinged with algae that we breathe by the sea. Authentic, unique villages and metropolitan centers coexist in a perfect union with ancient stone houses side by side functional modern villas. For this reason, tourists seeking rest and relaxation, along with those who want to have fun and stay up late, come to Ischia. Even the local people represent a contrast: vintners and fishermen live in harmony with a world of entrepreneurs, bankers and intellectuals.