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Beaches of Ischia

 The beach of Ischia

This beach is 150 meters from the Piazzetta, and extends through a good part of Ischia Porto, despite the erosion that has occurred over the years. It is subdivided into various sections from the Port to Ischia Ponte: the Spiaggia dei Pescatori (“The Fisherman’s Beach”) embraces the coast which ends a few hundred metres from the Castle’s wharf. This area is busy, especially during high-season, but well equipped with many bathing establishments offering a variety of recreational activities. The sand is fine and the beach is easily accessible thanks to the shallow water created by the position of the opposite breakwater reefs. This is an ideal spot for families with children and for the elderly.

 The Bay of Cartaromana

The Bay of Cartaromana and its beach are marked by Scogli Sant’Anna (The Sant’Anna’s rocks) and on the land by the Torre di Michelangelo. By land you can arrive at the bay of Cartaromana in two ways: by following a path of about 700 meters from San Michele center which you can reach by bus that stops directly above the beach. By water you can reach the bay of Cartaromana by taxi boat which leaves from Ischia Ponte or from Ischia Porto. Its water is a true archeological dream with its marine fauna treasures. Although erosions have reduced the beach, it is still possible to treat oneself to the sun’s warmth on the black rocks which characterize this area. The true characteristic of this beach are its warm baths provided by the natural thermal waters in the sea.

 The Bay of Cafiero

The bay of Cafiero is found between the Spiaggia degli Inglesi and the Castiglione. There is a small sandy area with pebbles which have been smoothed by the sea; it is ideal for whoever loves tranquillity. It is accessible only by sea.


 The English beach

The Spiaggia degli Inglesi is enclosed within the Sant’Alessandro inlet and is small and made up of sand and pebbles. It is a particularly shady spot not overly sunny so it is best to go there between 11.30 and 16.30. It is the ideal spot for whoever wants to reinvigorate themselves from the stress brought on by a vacation! The beach can be reached by following a peaceful pedestrian path, near the hill, behind the Olimpica wharf.



 The beaches of Casamicciola

Along the costline of Casamicciola you can find the beaches of the heliport, the seashore and the convent, skirted along the main panoramic road of the island. Fine sand and crystalline water characterize these parking equipped bathing establishments.



 Bagnitiello

This is a renowned bathing and thermal center whose beach (only a small area is available to the public) is characterized by sandy gravel and thermal marine springs that overlook the shore. You can access this area by sea or via a steep road.




 The Bay of San Montano

The characteristics of this little bay are its fine sand and its shallow clear water. Negombo hydrothermal Park is located within the bay and has various pools with thermal and sea water. Adequate parking can be found just outside the park.



 The Beach of Varulo

Varulo, otherwise known as the little beach of the nuns, is found at the foot of Monte Vico. It is accessible only via the sea with a taxi boat. This little beach is in a pristine state with rocky parts at its points and a sandy center. It is suitable for those who like to spend days at the beach without getting too much sun. The sea bottom is rich with Poseidon and marine fauna.



 The Beach of the Fungo

The beach of the Fungo (‘mushroom’) is so called because it is a few steps away from a rock whose shape, after years of erosion, is that of mushroom. Here one will find fine sand and shallow water. Because it is protected by a breakwall, it is suitable for children.


 The Bay of Sorgeto







The inlet of Sorgeto is home to a true open-air thermal park. Mother Nature provided the island with hot springs and mineral pools, in the past, and today they are freely available to whoever is looking for a spot to reinvigorate themselves from stress and daily responsibilities. This bay is accessible both via the sea and on foot (by taking a steep set of stairs). It is a true relief to relax in its warm-cold, sweet-salty water and enjoy one of the most marvelous sunsets that one could ever imagine. Be careful, though … its rocks and stones are at times boiling hot!!!!

 The Beach of Citara

The most important thermal complex of the island is definitely the Giardini Poseidon (the Poseidon Gardens). Its spring waters were regarded by the Romans as having powers related to fertility and for this reason they placed the water under the protection of Venus Citarea (Citara was derived from her name), a divine figure.
A white marble statue of her was found and then destroyed here intertwining myth and legend on this beach of white sand and clear waters. Even the rocks are in the sea story: it is said, that by the rocks of the Citara sea the ship of Phaeacians passed with Ulysses and apparently, as they were returning home the ship was transformed as a punishment, into a rock. It is also said that two men tried to touch the ship but they too were transformed into rock. This beach is one of the most frequently visited places during the summer bathing season.

 The Beach of Cava dell’Isola

This is one of the most romantic spots on the island. It is no wonder that it is marked by two white sandstone formations, at sea, which have been called the Lovers Rocks (Gli Scogli degli Innamorati). The little adjacent beach, situated between two promontories,is characterized by the deep sea, and is often a place for a romantic moment meandering amongst the waves where they lick the coast and the sun’s rays fade into the sea.



 The Beach of Chiaia

Long and sandy, it starts from the right end of Forio’s port, about 300 meters from the municipality’s center. It is distinguished by the various establishments with bars and restaurants. It is also a meeting place for those who love sea sports and also for those who prefer to lie on the beach in peace. There are plenty of spots available in a public beach area. This beach is suitable for children.



 The Beach of San Francesco

The Beach of San Francesco is for those who love aquatic sports, touristy spots along the sea, and eating in a typical island restaurant, illuminated only by the light of the sunset and by the moon.




 The Sailors’ Beach

The sailors’ beach is adjacent to Forio’s port and the sailing club known as the “Yacht Club Vela.it”. it is the only beach on the island of Ischia which is equipped to host sailors. It has a boat launch and thanks to the adjacent club there is also an equipped resting area and services.




 Punta Caruso

Punta Caruso is the extreme point of Forio, a beautiful place, immersed in a wilderness-like setting. The path to follow is filled with pebbles, is sandy and has been shaped by rocky vegetation. At the end of the path one must climb a bit of mountain area until a marvellous spot is reached. Here one can spend a tranquil day on the volcanic rocks polished by the age-old caress of the sea. Punta Caruso is the natural sea extension of the Bosco di Zaro (Zaro’s Woods).



 The Beach of Sant’Angelo

One of the most suggestive corners of the island is certainly Sant’Angelo, a marine hamlet made up of a group of colourful houses which slope down onto a little port closed off by a little beach where one can sunbathe peacefully, even when the sea isn’t calm.



The Beach of Cavagrado

A small inlet in an area of the sea where the  volcanic characteristics are predominant. For this reason one can enjoy relaxing or a healthy swim. If you like excursions and hiking, it is possible to reach this small beach from the hamlet of Succhivo by taking a small path  and stairs down to the beach. The return trip is also quite a task but it is worth it! For those who are lazy we reccommend renting a boat.


 The Scarrupata

The Scarrupata beach consists of the coastal area that stretches from the point of San Pancrazio to Capo Grosso and beyond. It is characterized by a high coast and a beach area with pebbles. The Scarrupata is a place of extraordinary beauty extending over the various volcanic layers of what was once one of the biggest volcanoes on the island but today has been greatly eroded away by the sea. It is accessible via the sea or via a path. During the summer a restaurant with a solarium is open on the beach.

 San Pancrazio

San Pancrazio is a small beach with pebbles and takes its name from the promontory that dominates the bay. There is a restaurant here that is only open during the summer. This beach is accessible only by boat.




The Beach of Love

This is a small beach strip with large pebbles. It is located in a small bay near San Pancrazio beach and is accessible only via boat. The beach takes its name from the small, nearby cave called “Grotta dell’Amore”




 The Beach of Maronti

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is surrounded by majestic hills whose rocks slope down to the sea and hide the entrance of the mysterious, tortuous ravines known in Ischia as “Cava Scura”. Maronti Beach is home to powerful thermal springs known as “Cava Scura. The beach is 3 km long and its name is derived from Greek and was then translated into Latin with the term “quatior” which means “tranquil beach”. This area of Ischia,was a kind gift from the Aragonese dynasty on behalf of Federico who wanted to acknowledge the mindful services and loyality of the Ischitani towards his nephew Ferdinand. He wanted the people to reap the economic benefits of collecting rent from the area. A touch of poetry and adventure is added to the history of this area when one remembers the period that followed the Aragonesi. It is a period in which pirates hit these waters and chose this beach as their refuge using the mysterious ravines and the numerous landing areas. A small part of this beach belongs to the municipality of Serrara Fontana and the main part belongs to the municipality of Barano. It is accessible either via a panoramic road which descends with sharp turns from Barano and offers one of the most spectacular views of Ischia, or from the suggestive small port of Sant’ Angelo via a traditional sea taxi. A  pedestrian access to Maronti from Sant’Angelo and along the way there are numerous summer residences. If the sun and sea are not enough for you, you can relax and regenerate mind,body and soul at the springs of Cavascura or the Fumarole.


The shores of Ischia have fine sands, turquoise seas and marvelous bays. The bathing establishments are small and built on piles to protect them from the sea.
The bright parasols of these establishments protect you from the hot midday sun, and attendants ensure your safety at sea and your tranquillity on the beach. There are showers available to refresh yourself after a day in the sun. In the evening these places transform into excellent restaurants where you can taste the excellent fresh fish dishes or fresh farm products of Ischia; After dinner take a walk bare-foot on the beach, with the sound of the waves in background, and the light of the moon and stars. Then watch as another transformation takes place…now a fantastic open-air dance club. For those who are looking for something different, Ischia offers unique thermal parks where all of the marvels of the island make for an unforgettable time.